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The Product

Aquaritin is a non-toxic liquid formulation that
feeds and grows Diatoms native to your water body.
Algae removal simplified using biology.

What are Diatoms?

Diatoms are phytoplankton that live inside ‘glass houses’ – they have hard outer shells made of silicon and oxygen, the same elements that make up glass. These outer casings are made of two outer shells made of silicon and oxygen, the same elements that make up glass. Inside this shell is a single celled organism that photosynthesizes, releasing pure Oxygen micro bubbles. The Oxygen is used by aerobic bacteria to breakdown organic matter and consume the sludge. Higher DO levels result in tangible changes like cleaner water, reduction in BOD, lower coliform levels, elimination of foul odor, reduction in mosquito colonies in water and healthier aquatic life.
To read about the characteristics of Diatoms, Phytoplankton and Zooplankton, please have a look at http://www.differencebetween.net/science/difference-between-zooplankton-and-phytoplankton/


Independent research has conclusively established an inverse relationship between the presence of diatoms and Cyanobacteria or Blue-Green Algae. Diatoms are responsible for 20% of the oxygen produced on Earth. Because of their glass like structure, they need less light to photosynthesize and therefore photosynthesize faster and earlier in the day, outcompeting filamentous algae like the harmful Blue-Green algae (BGA) or or green algae for nutrients such as N and P. Highly mobile zooplankton feed on the diatoms and the fish feed on zooplankton thus completing the natural food chain in a healthy water body. The organics exit the water in the form of fish biomass. Diatoms increase dissolved oxygen by releasing nano bubbles of oxygen thus enhancing fish survival rate and improving fish health and vitality.


Aquaritin contains P, K, Fe, Mn, Ca, Mg, Zn, B, S, Mo and Co adsorbed on a Nano-Silica base. Diatoms require a large amount of silica in order to survive and thrive. This allows Aquaritin nutrients to be exclusively delivered to diatoms as other algae do not have the ability to consume silica. Aquaritin causes a growth of native Diatoms in all water bodies and strips nutrients from the water. Nuisance algae is thus easily controlled. Aquaritin is economical to apply and extremely effective in growing Diatoms. There is no product anywhere that is as concentrated as Aquaritin. One litre of Aquaritin treats 15 million litres of water once a month.

Recreational Lakes and Ponds

Aquaritin has been used to grow Diatoms in council and recreational ponds in Australia to successfully remove nutrients from these water bodies leading to clearing up of nuaisance algae, clearer water, increased biodiversity of marine life and healthier fish through increased dissolved oxygen levels. Please contact Greendrop Solutions with your lake or pond dimensions and depth for us to give you a quote to treat your water body within 24 hours.


Trials on waste water have shown large reductions in BOD, COD, TDS and a 99.99% reduction in Fecal Coliform while Dissolved oxygen levels went up by almost 400% after treatment with Aquaritin. Aquaritin in your WWTPs will lead to a reduction in time to treat holding reduced levels of nutrients before release into streams and rivers, reduced aeration requirement, reduced sludge and an elimination of odour.


Aquaritin's unique mode of action accomplishes not only a reduction in potentially toxic Ammonia levels but also a reduction in sludge, BOD and COD, TDS and TSS. You will also notice an increase in Dissolved Oxygen as Diatoms produce molecular oxygen as they grow and increase in population.
Tests in a river flowing at 280 million litres per day shows a 90% reduction in Ammonia, Nitrates, Phosphorus and BOD. Dissolved oxygen levels went up 383% over a 2 week period.

Farm Dams

Insure against nuisance and Blue-Green algae on your property by incorporating an Aquaritin program. With a low cost of application, growers will never need to face irrigation water issues due to toxic algae water issues due to algae.


Diatoms can fix salts of heavy metals, so Aquaritin can help to clean up toxic waterways. Mining locations with settlement ponds will benefit from using Aquaritin to remediate and reduce levels of these metals before release into streams and rivers.

Home-owner / Hobby aquariums and ponds

Greendrop Solutions in the process of developing a product for Hobby ponds and aquariums, please contact us here and we will keep you informed of our launch date.